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We’ve been in love with Erin Kellison’s SHADOW BOUND for well over a year now, and we’re so excited to finally be able to share it with you that we’re offering $5.00 off purchases on the Dorchester website to everyone who reads the prologue and answers a simple question about it.  Get more details here.

And for a chance to win 50% off your next order, take the hilarious quiz to see if you could survive in Mudbug, Louisiana.

Feel as though you’re constantly lending out books and not getting them back?  Make sure your friend knows that book belongs to you with these adorable free book plates from ImageZoo.

You can either print them on label paper and stick ‘em on.  Or print on regular paper and paste ‘em in.  Or if–like me–you don’t dare permanently alter the book (gasp!), use a paperclip.  Your friend can end up using it as a book mark, but at least she’ll still know that book is yours.

Are you signed up for the Dorchester newsletter?  Last month everyone got a TSUNAMI BLUE desktop calendar.  And this month we have a new freebie.  But it’s only for subscribers.  If you’re not on the list, sign up here.

Unlike many on the East Coast pummeled by the latest nor’easter, New York City didn’t have it too bad–about 8 inches.  Just enough to give the city that beautiful pristine coating…for a few hours.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t use “Bizzard 2010″ as a great excuse to hole up and read a lot this weekend.  If you’re looking for some recommendations for fresh voices, check out the current poll for best historical debut at The Season. Both Caroline Fyffe and Leanna Renee Hieber made the list!


Speaking of great debuts, Rose Lerner is giving away a copies of the absoultely amazing historical IN FOR A PENNY.  Get the scoop on where to enter at her blog.  If you’re a fan of Sherry Thomas, Lisa Kleypas, Georgette Heyer and any of the Regency greats, you will not want to miss this book.


Sandra Ruttan deftly combines chilling cases and riveting personal relationships to hold readers “spellbound,” as Clive Cussler notes.  In fact, we here at Dorchester absolutely adore her books. Everyone on staff rushes for the copies as soon as they come in because we can’t wait to find out what will happen next for Ashlyn Hart, Craig Nolan, and their partner, known only as Tain.

We love the series so much, we want you to read the first book, WHAT BURNS WITHIN, for free.  Just click on the “Browse” button above to get started.  And if you want to share with friends and have the widget on your MySpace page, Facebook site or blog, click the “Get This” button and copy and paste the code–it’s that easy.

“Ruttan is talented in the way that a natural musician is talented, making all the notes seem effortless.”    —Crimespree Magazine

What Burns Within is a stunning book.  Not only is this the start of a great series, but more importantly it’s the start of a long and successful career.  Sandra Ruttan is one to watch.”  —Brian Lindenmuth, Mystery BookSpot

queen-of-song-and-soulsWe’re all in super huge anticipation of C.L. Wilson’s QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS coming out on Tuesday.  In fact, there’s a special widget on the right side of the Dorchester home page with links to an exclusive deleted scene, excerpt, and more.

Help spread the love, and one winner will receive a whole set of the New York Times best-selling Tairen Soul series.  Everyone who plays will get some kind of prize.  Here’s how:

  1. 1.    Visit the Dorchester website
  2. 2.    Click the Share button at the bottom of the widget and post it to your blog, your Facebook, your MySpace, etc., or use the embed code to post to your own site.
  3. 3.   Email me (lhulten @ – no spaces) the links with “C.L. Wilson widget” in the subject.  For every link of a different site, you’ll get one entry in the grand prize drawing for the four Tairen Soul books: LORD OF THE FADING LANDS, LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOW, KING OF SWORD AND SKY, and QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS.
  4. Be on the lookout for a return email with a thank-you prize for participating.
  5. All links must be sent by Tuesday, 10/27 by 3 p.m. EST.

Unfortunately the widget does not work on WordPress blogs, which don’t support Flash.  However, Blogger, Live Journal and most others are no problem.  If you’re blogging on WP, send me a link to this contest, and I’ll still enter you in the drawing.

I’ve never done a webinar before, but I’m really looking forward to this special panel to discuss the state of romance in the industry,with a special focus on the library market. 

Speakers include marketing executives from HarperCollins and Random House, librarians/Booklist reviewers John Charles and Shelley Mosley, Booklist editor and RWA award-winner Donna Seaman, and bestselling author Madeline Hunter.

The hour-long panel will be held online on Thurs., Nov. 12.  All are welcome to sign up here.

Sorry for the gap between posts.  I’ve been busy working on some new duties, as I’ve recently taken over handling Dorchester’s main website.  I’ll still be editing and acquiring romances and Westerns, but I’ve had to cut back my list a little bit.

But I do come back from the mini-break bearing gifts.  Let me know what parts of the Dorchester site you like you most and what you wish it had and one randomly drawn commenter will win a full set of November romances, including titles by C.L. Wilson, Gemma Halliday, Joy Nash and more.

Leave further detail below.  Thanks for your feedback, and good luck in the contest!

I think I’ll be going on a little spree of downloading this evening.  The following fantasy titles are now available from Del Rey’s free library at Suvudu.  Formats for Sony Reader, Kindle, and pdf are available.


See all this month’s releases and preorder September titles here.  Plus, get a free magazine subscription with ANY order.

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